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Founded in 2001, Anam Cara Consulting, Inc. is an independent consulting practice owned and operated by Cassandra Erkens.

Anam Cara Consulting, Inc. provides an array of services from training of trainers, customized workshop design and delivery, on site facilitation, leadership coaching, etc.

As a trainer, Cassandra provides instruction for all educators on the following topics:

  • Quality Classroom Assessment Design and Practices
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Standards-based Education
  • Action Research
  • Peer Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing Change
  • Collaboration
  • Designing and Evaluating Effective Staff Development
  • Systems Thinking
  • Leadership/Teacher Leadership
  • Consensus Building
  • Training of Trainers

As a process consultant, Cassandra provides instruction to organizations and leadership teams on the following topics:

  • Customized Instructional Designs
  • Strategic Thinking and/or Planning
  • Intervention Planning
  • Staff Development Planning and Evaluating
  • Administrative Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Designing and conducting Focus Groups
  • Team Building Efforts
  • Action Research Methodology
  • Research and Evaluation Processes
  • Leadership Coaching